Providing tools to create a life of joy.

Vision Board Workshops and coaching

Struggling with a Significant Change in Your Life? Not certain what to do?

Everyone hits bumps on the road of life. 

Job Loss/Career Issues

Facing Retirement

Relationship Challenges

Health Issues

... just a bit lost?

These situations are OPPORTUNITIES

If Only... You Were Able To:

  • BE CLEAR on what you really want
  • HAVE TIME to map your outcomes
  • BE LED  to INSPIRED action
  • ATTRACT results - not chase them
  • HAVE TOOLS that work on a regular basis

Coaching To Support Your Dreams

My name is Cherise and I know that having clarity, a safe space, and scheduled time to BE, DO, HAVE leads you to inspired action that attracts results. 

Stop chasing your dreams, start attracting them joyfully by attending one of my JOYFULLY CREATE YOUR LIFE WORKSHOPS


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